Sunday, 19 January 2014

WooHoo doesn't even cover how excited I am

So my Happy Place is within reach. J has almost finished building the studio into which he'll move once it's all furnished. We're still at least two months away but it's MUCH closer than it was last year when it was just a plan on paper. 
The external structure is complete (bar a few boards) and work commences this week on plastering and painting. Then the electrician and then council sign off. Once we outfit the studio and move J's office out there I can set up my sewing room. Woo Hoo doesn't even cover how excited I am. I have already a gazillion design ideas, 90% of which I know will be trashed due to budget restrictions. But that's ok for it's been lovely to research storage solutions, design boards, room design.....<sigh>!

For those of you who have embarked on the owner/builder journey you'll understand that two months is no time at all! We started our renovations in July 2009. 4 1/2 years and one baby girl later we are almost done. It's been an incredible journey but one I would not do again for a long time. 

If you have any ideas on room design or storage solutions I should consider id be more than happy to hear from you. 

Thanks for dropping by. 


  1. How exciting! Enjoy your new sewing space.

    1. It slow going and I'm not always good with baby steps but we're getting there. Thanks for stopping by. I hope your Sunday is a good one!