Thursday, 20 February 2014

So I had to get out my step ladder.

So a few things fell out of the sewing cupboard yesterday, none of which tickled my fancy so I had to get out the step ladder and go a-rummaging.
This is one of 2 top shelves in my laundry. You can see why I'm so looking forward to my new sewing space (aka My Happy Place) and finishing off my unfinished projects. 

I have a few with possibilities but one stood out more than the others. Mainly because I HAVE to finish it in time for my nephew's (Master J) 10th birthday. In September. My first reaction is "no worries, you have plenty of time girlfriend!". My second reaction is "get real, you're only getting 2 hours of sewing in a week". So I take a deep breath and pull out what I need. 

6 jelly rolls of Jellies Solid Blue I got from Spotlight at half price. Yay! I love a good bargain. 

Luckily Master J loves blue. So I found some blue fabric in my stash....
....and plied through my books for some design ideas.   

I then had what turned out to be a very short discussion with Master J. So much for all that research! He was very clear on the design he wanted. Squares. Plain blue squares. But when I emailed him my version if blue squares he became very excited. 
Sorry for the fuzzy photo but you get the idea. 

So I set to thinking "yay for jelly rolls, not too much cutting involved. I'll be sewing in no time."  Wrong. I'm finding I need to "fix" each piece. This is the first time I've used jelly rolls and I was under the impression that they would be cut and ready for sewing. Did I just get a bad batch? Is Jellies brand renowned for poorly cut fabric? Are my pre-cut expectations just too high? Hmmmm. 

Anyway, here are the blocks so far. I've sewn up 4 of each of these. I've got at least another 5 different blocks to make and I need enough to make a double bed sized quilt. 

Im not sure if I want to line up the blocks so I have all straight lines or if I should offset each row to make it more interesting. A decision for later on I think. 

I'm thinking of incorporating the scraps in the backing. I have a few ideas floating around in the grey matter. I won't discuss this with Master J. Some things need to remain a surprise for a birthday don't you think?!

Happy sewing. 

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