Thursday, 20 March 2014

I got to play with some Sochi fabric today.

I got to play with some Sochi fabric today. 

have resigned from work and only have 2 days left. Due to the nature of my work there are many team members that I will not get to bid farewell in person. Today I worked and extra shift and was surprised to see ALL the staff. On top of that, one of them had been to Sochi as a volunteer and came in with her Winter Olympics uniform. 
This is Sabrina. Sabrina is a very talented and driven woman who has volunteered for several of the international games and events including the Australian open over the last 10 years. Amongst all her talents you will find that she also speaks 4 languages and a smattering of Russian. I struggle with my 3 (English, a little Italian and baby talk!). 

I had read on several blogs that the games fabric designs were patchwork inspired and this in turn inspired many quilters in their own designs. I had seen images of the flags and other items on tv and on the internet but I must admit, they were nothing compared to seeing the fabric up close. 


Sabrina tried finding out more about the design and it's background story and she was told that each diamond represents a different region in Russia. What an amazing and inclusive way to represent your country at a high profile, international event. It's no surprise that this has formed the highlight if my day. So much so that I've dropped everything to write this post!

Happy Sewing. 

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